Integrated Returns

A hassle-free customer experience allowing customers to purchase in any channel and return in-store or start a return online through an automated process.

Receipt and Purchase History

Locate customers’ purchases to assist them in processing an exchange or obtain a refund. Equip your employees with information gathered from a gift receipt to facilitate a conversation with the customer. Scan a receipt barcode or QR code to efficiently recall the transaction and process a refund. Save time by returning items from multiple receipts or orders in the same transaction.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Real-time monitoring and alerting to stop fraudulent returns. Require a manager’s override for returns without a receipt. Processes restocking fees depending on the type, box contents and condition of the items allowing deduction from the refund value. Enforce Return Policy through data setup and user permissions

Refund Value and Credit Options

Refund original net price, including discounts, & associated taxes. Refund values for bundled promotions and/or free gift cards can be displayed on the original purchase receipt and, therefore, maintained during a return. Employees are empowered with bundled promotional information to explain the refund value to customers. Refund can be applied back to the original form of payment or other tender types, such as a store gift card or credit.

Returns Processing & Data Collection

Purchases can be processed for a return remotely started by the customer or in-store. Your customer service associates will have accurate knowledge of the contents of the returned box to process a full refund. Accurately predict trends and issues by capturing the reason for the return through selecting return reason codes and notes on all return transactions. Set up different policies for handling of returned and/or defective items based upon your vendors’ requirements.

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We understand that relationships are built upon personal connections with dedicated employees who are with you from the beginning and celebrating with you upon achieving each key success. Combining the talent of our people, our innovative solutions and our reputation for excellence is our commitment to deliver products that exceed your expectations.

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We provide a team of associates you know by name. Partner’s who understand your business. Channel ideas and questions simply by calling, texting, or live chatting with an expert dedicated to you starting day one.

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Our solutions are architected so we can tailor your applications to serve your unique needs. All client priorities are handled independently which means your requests will not sit in a product backlog with other clients’ demands

Composable Architecture

Our solutions adapt to your everchanging business needs, allowing you to configure applications in combination to create different business processes which unfold dynamically driven by the customer. New and existing applications can be combined to enable getting to market quicker.


The combination of our dedicated experts who partner with you, and our composable architecture, allows us to reduce time it takes to bring solutions to the market and lower your costs.


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