Guided Selling & Workflow

Boost revenue by inviting customers to purchase additional or related items and/or services. Manage workflows to trigger capturing information necessary to complete the sale.

Solution Master

Solution Master is a user interface to setup and manage product and service relationships and associated workflows manually.

Dynamic Plan Setup

Dynamically setup plans available for items, such as protection or subscription plans, making sure they are offered to all customers.

Promotion Offerings Reminder

Prompt your associates to mention promotional offerings to customers based on item(s) being purchased.

Tax Compliance Manager

Ensure your business is tax compliant by managing complex regulatory tax rules.

Extended Warranty Sales

Configure optional linked products (ex: extended warranties or services)

Relationship Manager

Save time by copying and reusing relationships.

Product to Product

A business facing application used to dynamically manage relationships created for the use of suggestive selling across your entire enterprise.

Suggest complementary products to the item being purchased using the product specifications in the item master. Here are some examples!

  1. The customer is purchasing a necklace from a designer collection, recommend earrings from the same designer's collection.
  2. The customer is purchasing a video doorbell, recommend a compatible smart home display.
  3. The customer is purchasing pillows in the color of blue, recommend a blue throw blanket to go with the pillows.

  4. Simple one to one relationships or layer in rules for more complex suggestive selling.

  5. The customer is purchasing a power drill. The type of drill is cordless, and the box contents do not include a backup battery, tool bag or drill bit. Recommend those products to the customer, ensuring they have a complete solution for everything when they get home!

  6. No need to duplicate the setup, simply reverse the rules to suggest a product in the opposite relationship!

Data Driven Workflow

There are different times in the selling process when you need to recommend or offer your customers various products and services, or collect information to complete the sale. Our workflow application defines the point in the process to prompt for those interactions by connecting each step in the process.

  • Recommend complementary products or services
  • Capture email to send e-receipts to customers
  • Capture phone number and email for electronic gift cards
  • Capture credit card information for ongoing subscription management
  • Business users will find it easy to configure new workflows on their own, with no need for IT support!

Why Choose iE3?

We understand that relationships are built upon personal connections with dedicated employees who are with you from the beginning and celebrating with you upon achieving each key success. Combining the talent of our people, our innovative solutions and our reputation for excellence is our commitment to deliver products that exceed your expectations.

Dedicated Expert Team

We provide a team of associates you know by name. Partner’s who understand your business. Channel ideas and questions simply by calling, texting, or live chatting with an expert dedicated to you starting day one.

Fully Customizable

Our solutions are architected so we can tailor your applications to serve your unique needs. All client priorities are handled independently which means your requests will not sit in a product backlog with other clients’ demands

Composable Architecture

Our solutions adapt to your everchanging business needs, allowing you to configure applications in combination to create different business processes which unfold dynamically driven by the customer. New and existing applications can be combined to enable getting to market quicker.


The combination of our dedicated experts who partner with you, and our composable architecture, allows us to reduce time it takes to bring solutions to the market and lower your costs.


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