Enhancing Omni-channel Retailing Solutions

  • In his best-selling book, ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins defines three generic strategies, which he calls “three circles” for great organizational results. One is what the organization can be best at in the world; another is what its people already are deeply passionate about, and finally, what drives the organization’s economic engine. Enthused by Collins, Ken Jenkins, President and CEO of e3 Retail, adds one more circle into it— self-discipline. “It is the ability to make choices that will have a long-term growth, rather than a short-term advantage,” says Jenkins. “e3 Retail is a prime example of a self-disciplined organization. With a passion for developing and delivering great retail solutions, we take a slow and disciplined approach in building the business, working closely with retailers at all levels of management to deliver consistent high-quality work on-time and within budget,” he asserts. In the competitive retail sector, Jenkins highlights technological innovations and customer experiences across multiple channels as the keys to success. “The complex task here is to integrate the functions and systems required to form a singular customer view and communication strategy,” says Jenkins. e3 Retail helps their clients solve these tasks by providing retail IT solutions, systems architecture, industry consulting, and innovative data solutions. Throwing light on the current market scenario, Jenkins feels that retailers are under increasing pressure to maintain compliance and mitigate risks throughout their organization. “To overcome these, we provide invaluable insights for risk assessments, regulatory compliance reviews, industry compliance, and security lifecycle management,” adds Jenkins. The company also has a strong technology-consulting team to help retailers analyze new technologies and security landscape along with improving customer service. “As specialists in this space, our clients value our skilled team for providing exactly what they want,” he emphasizes.

    In a race to adapt business strategies in the developing retail system, e3 Retail created the ADVANTAGe suite, a robust platform that can be deployed across different delivery channels to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and enable omni-channel retailing. “Whether the consumer is shopping at a traditional Point-of-Service terminal or on a mobile device, the shopping experience is consistent and seamless with a quick ROI,” explains Jenkins. The solution also provides a useful business approach from store management to C-level executives.

    In 2008, American Kiosk Management (AKM) selected e3 Retail as their technology partner for a modern POS solution that could handle every aspect of their business. e3’s solutions enabled AKM to make smart decisions, to increase sales, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. In addition, the management also saw an increase in customer loyalty, and the solution integrated seamlessly with TouchPoint POS, a scalable software solution that provides timely information. As for the future, e3 will continue its focus on innovating new technologies to maximize ROI and increase their customer’s competitive edge. “The key to customer satisfaction is anticipating the market demand, while providing them innovative solutions with a distinct competitive advantage,” says Jenkins. The company is on a mission to create an environment to retain long-term relationships with both their customers and employees. “Our team has been working with Tier 1 retailers who have complex customization and interface requirements, with a large number of installations and high volume environments. With this knowledge and experience, we want to remain as the technology leader in this space,” Jenkins concludes.

    Posted: October 22, 2016 by Ken Jenkins

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